Business Transactions & Litigation

Business Law covers a variety of areas to include contract disputes, transaction formations, shareholder or partnership disputes, due diligence agency, inter-department policy formation, compliance program creation and management, compliance audits, DUPTA, non-compete litigation, trade secret infringement, commercial procurement agreements, master service agreements, mergers, acquisitions, debt collection, and many other business related matters. Whether you're looking into cost effective ways to managing litigation, risks management, or handling a complex transaction, Sentinel Law, P.A. can can provide the representation needed. We offer flat fee, hourly, and other innovative fee structures to best match the situation and the context of your business law needs. It is important to ask your firm whether they handle both litigation and transactions, and whether they have experience in your specific industry / sector. 


The paradox with divorce is how alone and traumatic it can make you feel, when approximately 45-50% of marriages result in dissolution or permanent separation through use of the Court system. There are typically three (3) things that really drive the battles in these proceedings: 1) kids/custody, 2) assets, and 3) spousal support. The advantage of having a lawyer who is versed in issues of creditor/debtor law, military affairs, real estate, and business law is that the complex issues require an understanding of all such areas, to include a little tax law as well. This better protects the client and assures their goals are achieved. Back in 2002 the Founder of Sentinel Law worked at the Clerk of Court in the family law division and realized that these bitter and gut-wrenching battles can be dramatically affected by proper counsel.

Foreclosure Defense

When a homeowner goes into default on a mortgage, it is not uncommon for a lender or loan servicer to rush into foreclosure. The underlying incentives for a bank to do so are often way outside the circumstances of the borrower who has defaulted on the loan. However, depending on the type of loan, the circumstances of the borrower, and multiple other factors, the bank's efforts to rush into foreclosure may be prohibited or presented in bad faith. Sentinel law has successfully obtained dismissals for many cases, having handled several hundred of these matters since 2009. We've also prevailed at trial and evidentiary hearings for our clients. However, the typical goals of obtaining deeds in lieu, short-sales, restructurings, modifications, cramdowns, and if necessary liquidations, (Chpt 7s), are all in our wheelhouse. 

Creditor/Debtor Issues

Sentinel Law, P.A. represents creditors and debtors in pursuit of resolution for outstanding debts, and individual bankruptcy matters for chapter 7. If you are facing harassment from a collection company, or wise to negotiate a settlement of a debt, Sentinel Law, P.A. has a track record of helping hundreds reach resolution of their debts. We can also handle ancillary issues related Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, homestead exemption protections, head of house hold exemptions, and other protections provided by state and federal law. Another common area of law that Sentinel Law P.A. handles is in foreclosure defense (on the residential side) and foreclosure filing (on the commercial side). The goals of individuals facing these issues may lead into modifications, cram-downs, short-sales, or deeds in lieu of foreclosure. 

Wrongful Death

Of all the various areas of law, there is hardly any other type of claim that conflicts the potential claimant like wrongful death. On one hand, the representative of the estate and deceased is fighting hard to move on with their lives and rebuild from what is left after a tragic incident. On the other hand, there is a burning desire to find justice, knowing that closure can only come from reaching this end. There are a wide range of issues specific to wrongful death, but across the board, the preservation of evidence and the aggressive posture is necessary to successfully achieve and award. These cases often require various experts to speak to the financial loss and the liability of the parties involved. Sentinel Law, P.A. can represent the interests of those seeking justice for the loss of loved ones. 


The administration of wills and equitable distribution of an estate requires the service of an attorney who will spend personal time speaking with the parties who are beneficiaries to the process. This is already a stressful time on the family and can easily become a matter of old wounds revisiting, instead of reflecting on the legacy of a loved one. Pare of the administration requires validating the will, distributing assets to the decedents, ensuring a proper inventory of assets and personal property, settling outstanding debts, and preparing the necessary paperwork to perfect the completion of the estate. While each Circuit has minor nuances and preferences from the bench, it comes down to a relationship between counsel and the parties who are grieving.

Employment Law

Sentinel Law, P.A. handles a variety of employment law matters to include whistle-blower claims, Fair Labor Standards Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, restrictive covenants (confidentiality, non-compete, non-solicitation), sexual harassment claims, executive compensation negotiations, privacy violations, and other related matters. Sentinel Law, P.A. represents both businesses and employees, which provides for a unique perspective on both sides of the issues. Many of these issues and claims in employment law are time sensitive and require strict adherence to the procedures provided in statutes and/or the code they fall under. Below are a few links that can assist you on the employee claims side:

Florida Department of Economic Opportunity

Florida Commission on Human Relations

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

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