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We handle a wide variety of residential and commercial real estate concerns, including purchase and sale agreements, easements, quiet title actions, commercial escrow agreements, hunting partnership agreements, real estate conveyances, land use restrictions, boundary disputes, slander of title, adverse possessions and more. Boundary disputes are an unfortunate occurrence that happen quite often in residential neighborhoods. In short, neighboring property owners disagree over where the property line that separates them should be drawn.
Sentinel offers counseling and assistance in the negotiation process of resolving boundary disputes. Through the assistance of registered surveyors, you will be able to clearly designate the boundaries between you and your neighbors. It is not recommended that litigation be considered in most boundary dispute situations, but instead a low cost negotiation of where the line can be drawn to best serve all parties involved. Often, the use of easements can eliminate any additional concerns that you may have. For additional information on how we can assist you with a boundary line dispute, please contact us to schedule a consultation where we can discuss your options.
Property damage and nuisance litigation are common areas that may require assistance of counsel. If you're dealing with sink holes, hurricane damage, or other damage, you wish to speak with our firm prior to filing your claim.

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