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Real Estate Litigation and Transactions
news picture 2009-06-25
Legal Issues Surrounding Real Property

Sentinel Law, PA represents those involved with real estate litigation and/or transactions. If you are involved in a dispute or purchase of commercial, residential, or agricultural property, you may consider having the documents and details reviewed by an attorney. We handle boundary disputes, adverse possession, right of ways, quiet title, negligent misrepresentations, foreclosure, receivership, fraudulent inducement, ejectment, property damage claims, lien disputes, and several other areas related to real estate litigation. Our firm also drafts contracts, and addendums for residential and commercial transactions, including escrow agreements or finance structuring. We represent buyers, sellers, developers, and community associations.

Sentinel Law PA offers comprehensive services for those facing foreclosure. A Foreclosure Defense Attorney can help you navigate through a maze of mixed messages, confusing letters, and a constantly changing legal landscape. While many firms would emphasize either foreclosure defense or bankruptcy, we offer a full range of strategies and bankruptcy options. In the last three years Florida foreclosures have nearly tripled. Regardless of your income, there may be options available. You need a lawyer who will discuss in plain terms what your options are. “Short Sale, Loan Modification, Reverse Mortgage, Deed in Lieu, Refinance, Forbearance, Bankruptcy, Reinstatement, etc…”  What is the best course of action? What are you chances ? With all the companies and firms out there, it difficult to tell which are scams. Take a step in the right direction toward Foreclosure Defense, and contact us today.

Business Dispute Lawyers (also know as Commercial Litigators) are constantly dealing with issues that often started out as a handshake or a verbal understanding. Often times when people find that they haven't received what they bargained for, a small voice inside says "I wish I had gotten a business lawyer involved..." As your business grows, it is critical to have have a team walk through the proverbial "what ifs," and plan for those unfortunate situations where someone does what you never thought they would. Whether you're dealing with a breach of contract, Membership or Shareholders Agreement Dispute, or if you are facing a non-compete, we may be able help.

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Our advantage
Putting service back in Legal Services
Are you tired of double billing, waiting weeks before your lawyer calls back, ridged fee arrangements, and being treated like a file number ? We invite you to speak with an attorney to assess your situation and discuss a strategy to meet your needs. We have trial experience, real world experience in other industries, and commitment to creative / practical solutions.  Click here for a description of our approach to Legal Services.

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